Reasons to Take Universal Life Insurance Policy

10 Sep

Universal life insurance takes care of your beneficiaries financially when you die.

The variable universal life insurance enables you to  invest your cash value in bonds, money market mutual funds and stocks. The fixed universal life policy is less risky because it accumulates cash value at an interest.  Whether the market is that peak or off-peak season your cash value continues to grow steadily. The advantage of this policy is that you get to choose how much cash value is to be put in the indexed account.  Your cash value continues to grow even if the index goes down in the future because of the locking on the high rate of return. You get lower premium rate then the variable universal life because there is no management of the cash value account.

Save money by buying Americaquote universal life insurance instead of whole life insurance.  Decision-making by the policyholder of universal insurance is less intensive than a whole life insurance policyholder.

The Americaquote policyholder enjoys flexibility in payment.  Fixed premiums are payable at a fixed and regular schedule  for a whole life insurance policyholder.  The  policyholder  of whole life insurance policy makes fixed  payments at a specific date every month. With  universal life insurance policy you choose to pay the amount and the time that is flexible to you. Increase  you are cash value amount by paying extra premiums if you want.   You are  allowed to pay premiums using the cash value provided that it exceeds a specific amount.  You can pay in bulk for the next few months ahead of you if you have fluctuating income levels so that the following months that you will not have money are taken care of.

You can adjust your death benefits which are not adjustable in whole life insurance. You can decrease your death benefit in the universal life insurance. This  happens mostly when the person's income reduces. When your income levels increased you can also increase your death benefits. Reducing you are death benefits will lower their cash value that you are beneficiaries will get up on your demise. To know more about insurance,  visit this website at

You do not need to qualify for a credit if you're borrowing against your life insurance policy.  You get the advantage of not paying income tax and acquiring a loan at a lower interest rate when you borrow it against universal life insurance policy.  You need to continue paying your premiums so that your cash value keeps growing for you to avoid the pressure from the lender of repaying the loan.  The insurer can make partial payments of your cash value without you canceling the universal life insurance policy.  You get  all the amount that you will withdraw from the universal life insurance policy as partial withdrawals because it does not attract tax.

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